IWDC member forms

If you're a member of the IWDC Section, you can use the forms available on this page to help you manage your pension.


You’ll find a variety of forms relating to your IWDC pension pot below. Simply select the specific topics from the list to find the form you need.

In most cases you’ll be asked to fill in these forms as part of a broader process and we’ll let you know when it’s required.

You might find it quicker and easier to make some changes online instead. You can do this by logging in to your myRPS account, or registering for a myRPS account if you don't already have one. 

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Nominations for death benefits

Use this form to make your Nominations. You can find out more on the Nominations for death benefits page. 

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Additional Voluntary Contributions

Joining/changing payments

Please complete the 'Application to pay Additional Voluntary Contributions' below if you are an active member and:

  • would like to start paying AVCs, or;
  • want to change how much you're currently paying into AVCs

Once you have completed the form send it to your employer. Please do not send the form to Railpen.

This is a standard form for the Scheme, but you may want to check with your employer if they have a different form you need to use.

Changing funds

Use this form to change where your pot is invested. You can read more in the managing my investments area of the website. 

Taking your IWDC pot

If you want to take your IWDC pension pot, you may need to get advice from the Government’s Pension Wise service first. Use this form to tell us when that’s been done, otherwise you may not be able to proceed with your transfer. You can read more on the applying to take my IWDC pot page. 

Transfers in

You can use this Lifetime Allowance form to tell us about other pensions you have, so that these can be checked against the Lifetime Allowance limits.

Transfers out

If you want to transfer your IWDC pot, you may need to get financial advice first. Use this form to tell us when that’s been done, otherwise you may not be able to proceed with your transfer. 

The pension scams questionnaire will help us consider if you are putting yourself at risk if you go ahead with a transfer. Please read the guidance document before completing the form.

These indemnity forms are used to confirm a transfer from the RPS to your new provider. There is 1 for you to fill in and 1 for the new provider to fill in.

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